Top Dedicated Server Hosting Plans for Your Business

Dedicated Hosting is all about control and performance. Your site resides on a web server dedicated to it. It’s like owning a bungalow. You can make any changes you want, choose any colour for the walls, and include features and gadgets that suit your requirements, etc. In other words, you can customize it to suit your needs. However, like buying a bungalow, owning a Dedicated Server in-house can be very costly. This is where a Dedicated Hosting Server is useful. It offers you the benefits of a Dedicated Server without having to spend on the infrastructure. Dedicated Hosting plans offer features and benefits akin to your own Dedicated Server and help you boost the performance of your website. There are many providers offering Dedicated Hosting, and today, we will share a list of top Dedicated Server Hosting plans for your business.


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ResellerClub offers powerful Dedicated Server Hosting with SSD/HDD, Windows/Linux, and managed/unmanaged services bundled with the latest features. There are three plans available in Dedicated SSD Hosting by ResellerClub:

  1. Standard plan at Rs. 7,920 per month if you purchase for one year. This renews at Rs. 9,900 per month.
  2. Pro plan at Rs. 9,360 per month if you purchase for one year. This renews at Rs. 11,700 per month.
  3. Elite plan at Rs. 10,440 per month if you purchase for one year. This renews at Rs. 13,050 per month.

ResellerClub also offers HDD-based Dedicated Servers that start from Rs. 4,285 per month for a one-year purchase (renewing at Rs. 6,120 per month) up to Rs. 5,510 per month if you purchase for one year (renewing at Rs. 12,240 per month). 

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HostGator offers Dedicated Server Hosting with the best features. There are various plans available under Dedicated Server Hosting by HostGator:

  1. For Linux Dedicated Servers:
    1. Basic HDD Plan
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