Computer Literacy For New Generation


The world is advancing towards a technology encircled society. Once it was an issue for science fiction to get all of the people working with a computer. Today’s world is no more confined with old gadgets. Almost all of the necessary information is stored in the world’s computer. Computer literacy as a skill is institutionalized almost all over the world.

With the advent of science, the standard of living of mankind is being upgraded rapidly and radically. If you think of acquiring knowledge on computer science and technology you have some certain knowledge for achieving your goal.

If you are a student of some college or university, I hope you must have the primary experience of using a computer. With a desktop computer you can start your journey to the virtual world d easily. We know that our parents not experienced in the same way get nowadays.

Why do I utter the word computer? This is because it has brought about a revolution in every aspect of our life. You can plan for earning though you are a student. But once it was not as easy as today young can think and act. Hence, the world is getting change. From data entry to some special job which requires special capability, all sorts of jobs are offered through online connection. Internet browsers have the capacity to arrange lots of data for your convenience.

For overall development of the world, we have to make proper plan for decentralization of technological know-how. Particularly, we should call attention to the developing country like Bangladesh. There are also some countries which are lagging behind due to proper support from developed country. United Nations has already taken initiative for this. Children should be our prime target to provide them computer literacy.

For this, compatible laptops for children are needed. Besides, multinational companies can play a significant role for encouraging them by proving lucrative jobs for freshets in their company. Now, I would like to talk about some young and energetic fellows who really don’t need to wait for such types of assistance. I do believe they must secure a good position amongst the nations of the world.

How will be the shape of the future world? It not difficult to imagine as all of we are advancing towards a digital world. Without getting technological know-how, we can’t step a step in the day after tomorrow.

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