Computer Viruses

With new technology comes new obstacles. Getting a PC virus has happened to numerous users in some design or another. To most, it is basically an inconvenience, requiring a cleanup and afterward installing that antivirus program that you’ve been thinking to install. Read reviews online here.
In many cases, it very well may be a disaster, with your PC transforming into a very expensive block which no amount of antivirus can protect.
In this list, we will highlight a portion of the most terrible and famous PC viruses that have caused a great deal of harm.


ILOVEYOU is viewed as one of the most harmful PC viruses till now. It figured out how to wreck havoc on computer systems everywhere throughout the world with around $10 billion worth of harms. 10% of the world’s PCs were accepted to have been infected. It was awful that huge organizations and governments took their mailing system offline to avoid infection.
Once clicked, it will send itself to everybody in the user’s mailing list and continue to overwrite documents with itself, making the PC unbootable. The makers of this virus charged, as there were no laws about malware.
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2. Code Red

Code Red initially surfaced in 2001 and was found by two eEye Digital Security representatives. It was named Code Red in light of the fact that the pair were drinking Code Red Mountain Dew at the hour of discovery. The worm focused on PCs with the Microsoft IIS web server installed, abusing a buffer overflow problem in the system. It leaves no trace on the hard disk as it can run totally on memory, with a size of 3,569 bytes.
When infected, it will continue to make a hundred duplicates of itself because of a bug in the programming, it will copy significantly more and ends up eating a great deal of the system assets.

3. Melissa

Named after a dancer from Florida, it was made by David L. Smith in 1999. It began as an infected Word document that was posted up on the Usenet group, professing to be a list of passwords for sites of pornography. This got individuals curious and when it was downloaded and opened, it would trigger the macro inside and release its payload.
The infection will mail itself to the best 50 individuals in the user’s email address book and this caused an expansion of email traffic, upsetting the email services of governments and organizations. In some cases, it infected records by embeddings a Simpsons reference into them.

4. Sasser

A Windows worm originally found in 2004, it was made by software engineering student Sven Jaschan, who additionally made the Netsky worm. While the payload might be viewed as basically irritating (it backs off and crashes the PC while making it difficult to reset without cutting the power), the impacts were fantastically problematic, with a huge number of PCs being infected, and significant. To learn more, follow the link.