Runtime errors occur all the time. Some of us are alarmed by these errors, others are puzzled. Some users might be frightened while others might just ignore the error. There are computer users who are well aware of the solutions of these glitches but there still many out there who do not know what to do. This article aims to inform those computer users who are confused, puzzled, and alarmed by one of the common runtime error- the Runtime Error 76.

Otherwise known as “A path not found” message popping out on your screen, Runtime Error 76 is one of the most common runtime errors computer users bump into. Even though, most likely, you would pay no attention to this and finish what you are doing, further down the road, your system could probably freeze up or even crash. You definitely do not want that to happen! When the message that reads “A path not Found” pops up on your screen, your computer is telling you it is unable to find the program you are trying to run in its directory. Do not panic! The good news is that the solution for Runtime Error 76 is quite simple. First, you should look for available patches and fixes for the program. These are normally obtainable through the software manufacturer’s web site and can be downloaded for free. These patches will normally correct the error.

Checking for viruses and spyware is also recommended. In some cases, these trespassers can modify directories or make other changes which could cause this error.

After completion of the two steps discussed and you are still having troubles, it is advisable to reinstall the program that is causing the error to appear. You can un-install the corrupted program and then re-install it again. The most important thing to bear in mind for this step is to make certain that you back up all files and information dealing with the original installation of the program. In some cases, files can get overwritten when re-installing the program. This step is slightly arduous, but in most cases, will fix the problem.

There are instances wherein the error does not originate from the program but from the operating system itself. If this is the case, re-installing the operating system is necessary. Although this can be lengthy, it can solve the problems.

Reinstalling a program or the entire operating system can be an annoyance since it is time consuming and painstaking especially when you are classifying Runtime Error 76 as not that serious error. Nonetheless, it is better to correct this error rather than ignoring it and face more troubles eventually. Allotting time to fix this error will ensure long life for your computers and less frustrations for you in the future.

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