Rugby Balls: Developed Using Technology


The game of rugby is widely played across the globe. Every day, we come across instances where players fully geared up, grooming their skills in order to live up to their dreams to become just like their heroes. The rugby ball is the most important part of this game. It is the ball for which the players tussle with each other to score.

The comprehensive range is available in the market from where you can pick it up for you. But, here I want to narrate the story about how the rugby ball is manufactured. This information helps you in understanding what you should keep in mind while buying these balls.

In the past, the rugby balls were manufactured using pig’s bladder. But for now, the material has been changed to leather. Nowadays, the manufacturers are developing these balls using excellent quality leather. The shape of this ball is oval with 4 panels. But, there is a problem with the leather. The leather has the tendency to absorb water. The absorption of the water eventually results in making the balls heavier. This makes the ball over-weighted making it imperfect for the game.

To cater this problem, the rugby ball manufacturers are employing synthetic leather. This doesn’t have the property to absorb water molecules. The synthetic leather is basically the polymer of hydrocarbon. This is a highly durable material and provides long life to the ball. This is basically the waterproof material and prevents the absorption of water. Another promising feature associated with this material is that it behaves more consistently in different weather conditions.

The color is very important when it comes to influence the performance of the players. The rugby balls are widely developed in those color combinations that provide good visibility to the players. The manufacturers use different patterns while developing their products in order to provide good visibility to the players during the game.

Unlike soccer balls, the rugby balls don’t contain any bladder or lining. In this, the soft foam is used in place of the tubes. So, there is no need to get these balls inflated. Owing to this soft foam, the fingers of the players don’t get hurt. The heavier balls are also available in the market that can be used for playing and practicing purposes.

The rugby ball manufacturers are creating their products using latest manufacturing machinery. In this, they are employing the latest machinery for stitching. The advanced machinery helps in providing durability & reliability to the product.


This is how the manufacturers create their products. Prior to buying, keep all the above-mentioned points in mind. This helps in providing you the excellent quality product.

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