Satellite Internet Broadband Speeds As a Modern Necessity


Some modern technologies are luxuries, and most people realize that. For example, a dishwasher is not a need but a luxury, as is a riding lawn mower or a microwave. These things make our day to day lives easier so that we spend less time on the boring stuff and more time focusing on what’s important. However, there are some things which over the years have gone from being luxuries to being needs because they are so socially ingrained it becomes impossible to function without them. An excellent example is an automobile. In the past these were luxury items that only the wealthy could afford, but the majority of people travelled by horse or foot making it unreasonable to ask the average worker to travel the distances a car could to commute. Today, if you live in an area without public transportation, or at least not a very good transportation system, in order to get to your job, to the grocery store, or simply to get around you need some kind of vehicle. Another example is the telephone. In the past it was more acceptable to send messages slowly by letter or in emergencies by telegraph, but today a person without a cell phone or at least a house phone is thought of as ‘unreachable.’ With the pace at which plans change and businesses are run these days, a person without a cell phone gets left in the dust. A final, and perfect example of a technology that has gone from luxury to necessary in the blink of an eye is that of the internet.

Whereas in the past dialup internet was a luxury, today it’s a burden to be borne by those living off the DSL and cable terrestrial broadband maps. The slow speeds make it painful if not impossible to access many web pages, to stream music, movies and videos, to download the large files that terrestrial broadband users access in seconds, and generally to function online. Many people have had enough of not being important enough to extend the terrestrial broadband network to, and are ready for a change. Luckily, today technology has provided them with options like satellite internet broadband. This will be especially important for rural and remote internet users, or those simply living off the grid.

If you are working, running a business, studying, or in general spending time communicating or accessing information online, then broadband internet is a real need. It’s impossible to get things done, at least in a timely fashion, when working with dialup, and it’s unfair to you if you simply can’t access broadband. That’s why it’s all so important to look seriously at alternatives like satellite internet. A true, last mile, high speed internet alternative available on the market at long last means that places around the world in the middle of desserts or at the tops of mountains that never imagined having high speed internet before are suddenly connected. At long last, the rest of the world can be opened up to the World Wide Web with satellite internet broadband.

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