The Internet – The Largest Network in the World


Computer engineers have been finding ways to connect computers and their devices together in different ways. Computer networking has come hand in hand with other bodies of knowledge such as telecommunications, information technology, and computer engineering. So many things have been made possible through computer networking. It has helped people live easier lives in many ways through personal area network, local area network, metropolitan area network, and wide area network.

One great example of a wide area network is the champion of all networks, the Internet. It is the biggest network in the world, and billions of data (maybe even trillions) is being transferred everyday. So much information is exchanged and it has practically changed the way we live our lives.

Education online

The usual way to get your education is to enroll in a school, and go to your classes on a fixed schedule. Nowadays, we can actually get a college and master’s degree through the Internet. A lot of reputable universities now offer their courses online because they understand how hard it is for some students to juggle a job and their schooling. Depending on the program, you can have your own schedule, and usually you’d just have to submit work on or before a particular deadline. At times, you’d have real time chatting with you professor and “classmates”, sometimes even with a webcam. What’s great about this is that you no longer have to go through the hassle of commuting. The good news is that companies have been accepting a lot of applicants with this sort of education but there are still some that are overly traditional.

Video games galore

What started out as simple 2 dimension games is now a multi-billion dollar industry, and has spawned a new way of social interaction. Because of the Internet, gamers are now able to interact with people from across the globe, and play the same game at the same time. This is great because video games were once viewed as an anti-social activity. This is no longer true and now gamers not only get to play the game together, but are able to chat and make new friends as well. Internet gaming has also created a new gaming genre called “massively multiplayer online role-playing games” or MMORPGs. This is a supercharged type of RPG where thousands of players get to play together in a particular game at the same time.

Social Networking

A lot of websites nowadays allow people to interact and socialize with each other with their different tools and services. Some of them are focused on dating, where users can create their own profile and indicate their particular tastes. Other websites are dedicated to people uploading pictures and sharing them with other users as well. This has been a great way of connecting with long lost friends, and making new ones as well.

It’s great that computer networking has helped in bringing us the Internet. With it, life has become more convenient, and we can learn so many new things everyday just by connecting to it. With the Internet, there are certainly more new things to come.

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