Assassin’s Creed Valhalla New Update Comes with a Many Big Surprises 

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla reveals a new update that is streaming on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna. Along with the new update, Ubisoft has gone before and unveiled the patch notes that reveal and detail everything the update with some offer, containing a couple of such new features and there are some of the new content also. 

The patch notes contain new armory building, customizable loadouts, new rewards for River Raids, and more. Ubisoft also gave such information on various file sizes with the update. On Xbox cons0oles, the update is very tough with 7.8 GB big. The latest PC file size is quite smaller at 7.08 GB. Moreover, on PlayStation, it’s quite smaller, along with 1.4 GB and 1.08 GB will download to get PS4 and PS5. 


Armory Building & Customizable Loadouts 


It seems Ravensthorpe has been extended. The construct has a new Armory building and unlocks five-year gear loadouts as you can display some of the settlements and swap freely across the world. 

The Armory can be built after developing Ravensthorpe to Level 3 that needs foreign cargo, that also can behold in River Raids After it is built, it will function along with your own personal gallery with the gear and weapons that have just served you well in various raids, assassinations, and the adventures along with the playtime. 

Now just revamping the five different loadouts from the inventory screen. It created many combinations to match the favorite playstyles, provide them a label, and change them on go. Now, the freedom of approach is the name of the game, and along with the loadouts you also can now switch from the savage raider to the stealthy assassin just by pressing the buy on in the inventory screen. 

On making the Armory, you will be given two of the initial loadout slots. 

River Raids 

Now it’s time to sound the horn and go a-Viking. Now, its rewards are making their way to River Raids, containing weapons along with the customizable options for Eivor.  

Bug Fixing & Developments 


  • The mount skin changes made in Svartalfheim that are not persisting after the save-load option. 
  • There are several pieces of the All-Father set missing after purchase from Kara. 
image 115

Main Quests, World Events, and Other Activities 

  • It is difficult to progress in Finding Fritjof as Tyra would not get in the boat. 
  • Now unable to progress in Finding Fritjog as Tyra move after leaving the foundry. 
  • Tyra becomes stuck and does not able to move after murdering the Muspel patrol in this time of objective Follow Tyra. 
  • Tyra is still missing from the next location in Finding Fritjog if the players visit Fornama just before speaking about her. 
  • It’s difficult to progress in The Scholar and the Sunstone as Einer has stopped moving. 
  • The foes will attack all the players during the World Event A Beast’s Burden. 
  • Here are no world limit berries that are present while exploring the cave before the dwarves in this quest Gift to the God. 
  • The players also can pass the bridge sequence in The Reckoning by utilizing Explosive Retreat. 
  • It is unable to move in pride of the Aesir like the cutscene that does not begin after opening Baldr’s cell. 
  • The corpse of Bo’s become disappears in this time of the dialogue scene with Live in the World Event Carpe Diem. 
  • NPCs are set to spawn on the side of the monolith in this world event The Ballad of Kraka and Svaldi. 
image 116


  • Al the platers are able to block the Giant Ravens with heavy attacks using them should. 
  • Now Sinmara also glitches If the players become defeated she summoned NPCs with dust. 
  • On using the Thorn of Slumber ability on one of her spawned Muspels momentarily that can prevent Sinmara from draining them. 
  • The Teleports Assassination does not work after Sinmara’s Champions get knocked down. 
  • Eysa does not hit the players while counterattacking. 
  • Muspel Pyro facing struggles to target players. 

Valkyrie Coliseum 

  •  The Arena is popular for the power of exploders level while players had under-leveled. 

Powers and Abilities 

  • It’s true that freezing and shattering effects do not apply to certain instances. 
  • Now the Muspel minions just running away from players use Goule of Breathability on Elite Mussels. 
  • The twist is Muspelheim and Jotunheim come in disguise for not getting removed after running buy of the timer. 
  • The form of Raven might be activated just after dying. 
image 117


  • The latest update doesn’t get the Jotun Chest piece just after clearing the map. 
  • Now Wolfpacks become disappear slowly from the Open World just after performing such fast travel to their nearest location. 
  • The leaders of Wolfpack will keep talking about their minions as being dead. 
  • The foes of  Wolfpack just become disappear after shapeshifting to Jotuns. 
  • We are unable to open the last 
  • Raiding Chests if the players come close with the fame after opening. 
  • We can say that the instances room that Sinmara Choses become Stuck during environment combat. 
  • It holds many types of AI behaviors that are incorrect. 

Graphics, Audio, and Animation 

  • The cutscenes contain many freezes. 
  • All the platers suddenly become stuck in the free-fall animation and get desynchronized after the dive of Valkyrie. 
  • There are various problems with who was stuck into the free-fall animation and getting desynchronized. 
  • The weapon sheathing animations are not still triggered while calling the longship under the battle. 
  • It contains numerous graphics, textures, animation air even lighting scenes. 
  • The misplaced and floating objects will be instantiated. 
  • There are a lot of flicking problems. 


  • There are several camera problems 
  • There are several numerous UI/HUD problems 


  • The disguise will be removed at the time of calling the longship. 
  • Eivor is also missing one eye upon completing the Dawn of Ragnarök expansion and coming to England. 

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 

  • The players now can get a Mastery Point upon reaching Power Level 20o. 

Challenging Mastery Pack 

  • The new Custom Stealth Settings are also overwritten after leaving such atrial. 
  • Mastery Challenge is basically an asset that presents in this Open World after exiting on the trial. 
  • It cannot be assassinated by one of the NPCs in the Saint Guthlac’s Raven trial. 
  • NPCs fall under the map in the Trial of the World at Saint Guthlac’s Point. 
  • Instances of issues along with the pause menu in certain trials. 
  • The game also froze while restarting the Saint Gutrhlac’s Raven trial after triggering such an assassination mini-game. 
  • The duel with Dag does not trigger after sleeping to visit the quest A Brewing Storm. 
  • Ivarr does not set to move during the King Killer quest. 
  • The players become stuck in the quest An Uncommon Proposition if they stopped at the dish after choosing the romance option along with Tarben. 
  • NPC spawning and also stuck onto the dock in the World Event Deviled water. 
  • Now it also bears spawning at the time of World Event Skal to your Wealth. 

River Raid 

  • It mainly indicates being unable to talk to a vegan after completing A River to Raid. 

The wealth of the Druid 

  • The children of Danu NPC cannot be coming after falling through a texture. 
  • You cannot able to loot the key in Into the Fog if the cave has been cleared out just before accepting the quest. 
image 118

Paris Siege 

  • It’s difficult to locate Yoka during the quest Majesty in the Dark. 
  • On drinking game on Grantebridge cannot be started. 
  • It’s hard to begin the Daughters of Legion encounter. 
  • Now, the animation problem while hijacking a mounted enemy from behind. 
  • There are a lot of clip issues. 
  • Eivor’s line These new visions of Odin trouble me playing on loop upon coming back to Ravensthorpe. 
  • Zealot icon become disappears from the in-game map just before the confirmation of the murder. 
  • There are several UI/HUD issues. 
  • The Hreidmar’s Bless asset of Armor is not available in the transmog tab. 
  • Berserker pack has not been displayed in the Store of one of them has been purchased from the pack already. 
  • There are several parts has not been marked in the Animus Store as it acquired by getting the Ultimate Edition. 
  • It seems that some parts of the Yimir Scream tattoo are missing. 
  • Incorrect items are advertised in the store. 

Performance and Stability 

  • The stability and performance are under development. 

The popular game Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is already available on PC PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. you can play the game through Amazon Luna and Google Stadia. 

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