Dedicated Servers: Dedicated Server SQL

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So what is a dedicated server? A dedicated server is just one type of web hosting available for lease or rent. This type of web hosting service gives you the exclusive use of the web server and no one else which would be very secure especially in matters concerning financial and personal information that clients would hand out to your web site.

A plus to this dedicated hosting server  is that it constantly upgrades applications on your web site to keep it in the latest thus increasing more site traffic for your profit. This is advisable to have only if your web site does create a substantial amount of site traffic, if not then consider another web hosting service since having a dedicated server is not necessarily cheap.

Dedicated SQL Server

A dedicated SQL server gives you a 100% guarantee on network uptime, 24 hours a week of customer support and packages that you can fully customize. Windows Microsoft has been a well known dedicated SQL server that makes sure you take your web business seriously. The well-known features of a dedicated SQL server are as follows:

  • Resource Governor which allows your specifications to be assigned to your groups or users.
  • Encryption at rest is another feature that allows your whole database to be encrypted with one master key.
  • Dedicated SQL servers offer enhanced auditing that is automatic.
  • Indexes are easily created plus you get to apply certain specifications to which rows are not to be indexed.
  • A page-level and row compression
  • A well-improved data collection system that gives you full access to whoever is using your precious server resources.

Lastly, a dedicated SQL server has Intelligence that supports the construction of queries for the database.

Windows Dedicated Servers

As mentioned above, Windows is well known as a dedicated SQL … Read the rest