Behind Digital Signal Processing Technologies (DSP)


It’s hard to think about life without technology at these days, but is definitely part of our lives, allowing us to do so more quickly and easily. But, what is behind all the technological advances?
Most users of technology ignored completely how technological devices work.

Sometimes it is amusing to observe how two people argue heatedly about the properties of a device, on one occasion I heard two young boys discussing the capabilities of a mobile phone compared to another.

The first couple alleged that his cell phone has more memory and MP3 player. The second couple claimed that his phone had more features like voice command; however both ignore the true functioning of both devices.
If we keep in mind the actual operation of an electronic device, we would note that in reality the differences are only for marketing itself, when almost all electronic devices uses the same base of operation.

Nowadays computer technology is the mother of all technologies, because our real search in new technologies is to find devices that perform certain tasks in an autonomous manner.

Maybe there will be those who think different but it is matter of analyzing certain well-electronic devices.

For example:

The MP3 player

The MP3 requires basic computational elements: memory, processor and program.

Digital Camera

The digital camera requires basic computational elements and other advanced elements.

The core of computer technology comes from the data processing. The computers have their own language of communication called machine language. In the language machine electrical impulses are interpreted as binary (0, 1) states and each state is represented in binary numbers more complex that turn into more complicated elements.

The data processing is divided into the following categories:

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Interpretation of binary data

Interpretation or pattern recognition

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is one of the most used elements of the technology and one of the most important, if we take the example of the cell phone, it would have been most useful for both young explain which cell phone uses a processing algorithm more efficient than the other rather than compete which has more memory.

DSP is a set of algorithms that allow the processing of information from analog world that has been previously translated into a digital system easily understandable by a computer, you can filter noise environment, eliminate imperfections in photographs, interpret our voice commands among other functions.

The Interpretation of binary data corresponds to the processors because those are responsible for interpreting each command from a program. Each processor has its interpreting system called instructions, where each data set represents a binary instruction; this is main the operation of computers.

Pattern Recognition is data processing element corresponding to a series of complex techniques (including DSP’s). Most of these techniques lie with the technology of artificial intelligence: Neural networks.

A neural network is an emulation of the brain (biological neural system). The neural networks have the ability to carry out tasks that the classical linear processing data may not even like a neural network is implemented linear processing system but so emulated.

The neural network allows functions that some devices have like: voice recognition, face recognition among others.

Many people ignore what is behind everything on technology, but it is matter of thinking and gives some credit to those who are behind the technological advances because thanks to them our lives are more comfortable.

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