Update Your AC97 Audio Drivers the Quick and Hassle-Free Way


You’re probably not aware of this, but a lot of audio-related errors that you might encounter in your computing life are most likely caused by a faulty driver, and such errors can be fixed quickly and easily with one simple download. But before we can delve into the ways of how you can update your AC97 audio drivers, you must first understand the inner workings of your computer. Sadly, the average computer user is never fully aware of what goes on in their machines, and are often at a loss when they try to look up for solutions online as they encounter terminologies that seem alien to them. This article will attempt to enlighten you, the reader, of essential concepts that you must absolutely know as a computer user.

So let’s first go into the significance of drivers in relation to the operation of the computer as a whole. Drivers are a key part of any hardware that interfaces with the operating system of any computer, because they are essentially bits of code that enable the communication between both hardware and the operating system. Drivers translate signals and data from devices into the final output that we’re all familiar with, be it in terms of audio, graphics, or even a hard copy print out from a printer.

In the case of audio, your audio card’s driver translates signals and the operating system receives them as commands for the speakers to then produce the desired output, in this case being sound. When your audio driver is compromised, this means that the audio quality that comes from your speakers would in all likelihood be compromised as well. Which is why most users with this particular problem often report hearing random unpleasant sounds like scratches, hisses, and pops coming from the speakers, because the driver is unable to translate the data it receives from the sound card to the speakers as well as it should.

Drivers may also contain key features that optimize the usage of your sound card. Without these drivers, you would most likely be missing out on not only the quality that your sound card should rightfully provide, you will also miss out on the extended features offered by the audio driver.

There is of course a remedy for this, and as mentioned in the earlier paragraphs, all that is required is a simple download. You can get these downloads in one of two ways: The manual way, or the automatic, hassle-free way.

If you’re thinking of locating these AC97 audio drivers on your own, then you might be asking for trouble. It isn’t all that easy trying to locate the right drivers for you to download on your own, because there are so many versions floating around out there because of the regular updates made available to the public. Download the wrong set of drivers and you will only be making your situation worse.

You can peruse page after page of search results from the search engines all you want, but the best tech experts out there will recommend one tool that will make your life easier when it comes to downloading the latest AC97 audio drivers. This tool is known as the driver scan software. What this great program does is that it scans your computer for any missing or corrupt drivers, and once it finds them, it will give you the option of downloading the latest drivers you need, or if you’ve set it up to take full advantage of its automation feature, it will automatically download all the driver updates that you’ll need.

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