Here Are 50 Of The Greatest Products On Amazon You Never Knew Existed

It’s well-known that Amazon has everything. You hear it all the time. “I got it on Amazon” has slowly but surely become the new “I just Googled it”. You already know you can use it to restock on your favorite shampoo and find a quick gift for your niece’s fifth birthday, but what does “everything” really mean?

I wanted to find out so, after a bit of digging, I put together this list of things you may never have known you can have delivered to you in just days. It turns out that there’s a lot. “Everything” apparently means a mosquito repeller that creates a 15 foot safety zone, a shower head filter that uses vitamin C is clean your water, and other genius products that you’re going to want to immediately add to your cart. These products not only will make your life easier in some capacity, they may also make it more fun, more comfortable, more stylish, and cleaner.

Whether you’re looking for some practical home additions like this silicone toiletry holder or a fun impulse buy like this glow-in-the-dark volleyball that’s a must for long days spent at the park or beach, this list will help you discover all the possibilities.

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This Scent-Free Mosquito Repeller That Gives You 15 Feet Of Protection

Instead of dowsing yourself in uncomfortable sticky spray, use this mosquito repeller to create a 15-foot safety zone. Insert one of the three included mats into the device to emit a scent-free repellent that drives away pesky bugs. Each mat lasts up to 4 hours and change color when it’s time to replace. Bring along on your next camping trip or picnic to enjoy itch-free fun.


These Fitness Workout Cards That Include Instructional Illustrations

Going through the same workouts every week gets old fast. For some inspiration on new exercises you can incorporate into your routine, add a pack of these workout cards to your cart. There’s a pack for every kind of fitness you’re into — from yoga to dumbbells to cable work. Each sweat-proof card will include instructional steps and illustrations to easily explain how to complete the move, and you can mix and match a few cards to create a customized workout routine without a trainer.


A Wireless Mouse That’s Made For Lefties

It can be a cruel world for lefties sometimes. This left-handed vertical mouse is meant to make work a little bit easier for those who don’t fit the majority and experience any wrist pain. The ergonomic design allows your hand to rest in a comfortable position while wirelessly clicking away. It can be used up to 10 meters away from your computer.


This 4 Port USB Hub With Over 78,000 Five-Star Reviews

This four-port USB hub makes it easy to have multiple devices plugged in at once if your laptop happens to lack its own ports. Each port has its own on/off switch so you can decide which to use when without having to constantly plug them in and out. The compact design is easy to travel with and won’t take up any valuable space on your desk, which is why this handy little device has over 100,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.6-star rating overall.


A Dog Toothbrush With 360 Degrees Of Bristles

While brushing your pet’s teeth probably isn’t your (or your dog’s) favorite activity, it’s necessary. To make the process as quick and effective as possible, grab this silicone dog toothbrush. The 360 degree bristles make it easy to reach every tooth and remove plaque from your furry friend’s teeth. Once you’re done freshening up your pup, store the brush in the included case to keep it germ-free.


This Clever Magnet That Labels The Dishwasher Clean Or Dirty

Take out the guesswork from doing the dishes with this dishwasher magnet. To avoid rewashing a clean load, putting a dirty dish in a clean dishwasher, or emptying out a bunch of used silverware, label the machine either dirty or clean by flipping to either side. Its waterproof and durable material will stick on through any mess.


This Slicer That Protects Fingers From Blades While Securely Holding Food

The non-slip bottom on this food slicer make it easy to quickly cut through anything. The BPA-free plastic is safe to use with meat, your morning bagel, fruits, and vegetables — even a bunch of cherry tomatoes or grapes can easily be sliced with the help of this device. By using the top lid to press down, you’ll be keeping your fingers a safe distance from the blade so you don’t have to worry about rushing to grab a bandage.


A Collapsible Colander That Can Stretch To Fit Over Any Sink

Most colanders take up a lot of cabinet space and require you to hold a handle that more often than not gets splashed with boiling hot water. To save space and avoid injury, add this collapsible colander to your kitchen. The BPA-free plastic can hold 6 quarts of pasta, vegetables, and or anything else you need to drain or wash. Expand the side handles to fit over any sink so that you can wash or drain away with ease. Once you’re done, put it in the dishwasher and collapse it to just under 2 inches for easy storage.


A Soft, Cooling Bamboo Sheet Set That Is Wrinkle-Free

You have to appreciate the wrinkle-resistant microfibers that this hypoallergenic sheet set is made of. Derived from bamboo, the breathable threads will keep you so cool and comfy and it might be hard to get up in the morning. Plush, soft, and durable, these sheets are machine washable too, which makes care a breeze.


A Backpack-Style Laundry Bag That Can Hold Over 40 Pounds Of Clothes

Laundry day can also end up being an arm workout if you don’t have the right thing to carry it all in. This tear-resistant laundry bag has adjustable shoulder straps that make it easy to carry even a few weeks worth of clothes. Seriously, the tough nylon can hold up to 44 pounds. Use the exterior mesh pocket to store your detergent and softener to make your trip to the laundromat or the basement less of a chore.


These Super Stylish Slides With Cushioned Soles That Mold To Your Foot

These cushioned slides will help relieve foot pain, give you comfort, and, most importantly, add a super trendy look to any outfit. The compression-resistant soles provide stability and absorb pressure shock from walking on hard surfaces like concrete. For an even better fit you can use the heat from a blow dryer to gently soften and then mold the straps to the perfect size.

  • Available sizes: 4-5.5 – 13.5-14.5
  • Available colors: 15


This Vitamin E Oil That Can Give You Glowing Skin

Vitamin C gets a lot of hype, but this vitamin E serum is a seriously underrated product that has a ton of benefits for your skin. This organic, lavender-scented oil can promote collagen and elastin production, even out your skin tone, brighten your under eye area, and so much more. This rejuvenating oil isn’t just for your face — it can be used on your hair and body too.


The HD Security Camera That Works With Alexa & Google Assistant

For a live view of your home at all times, install this HD security camera in just minutes. Use Alexa or Google Assistant to control the camera while at home or leave it up to the camera’s motion detection while you’re away. Once motion or sound is detected, the camera will track the area of interest and keep it in the line of sight. View up to 30 days of video history.


This Pack Of Furniture Pads That Protect Floors From Scratches

Stop right there. Do not pull out another chair out without these furniture pads. Use the non-slip rubber grippers to coat the bottom of any furniture leg and avoid scratching your floor. The thick felt core will keep your couch, bed frame, and just about anything else lifted and away from the precious hardwood underneath without sliding around.


An Exfoliating Shower Towel That Can Help With Body Breakouts

Made in the textile capital of Gunma, Japan, it’s no surprise that this exfoliating shower towel is an Amazon shopper favorite, with a 4.7-star rating. It’s made of a rip-resistant weave created by two interlocking threads that’s meant to effectively scrub away dead skin cells leaving, your entire body feeling softer and smoother.


A Silicone Toiletry Holder That Can Stick To Glass & Tile

This silicone toiletry holder can stick to nearly any shiny surface. Clear up counter space by keeping your toothbrush elevated on the mirror or keep your razor in an easy-to-reach spot by sticking the holder on your shower wall. The drainage holes on the bottom will keep your products clean and dry no matter where you place the holder. Installation takes just seconds and can be moved as many times as you please.


This Wobble Cushion That Can Help Improve Your Balance

Upgrade your workouts with this convenient, portable wobble cushion. It can hold up to 600 pounds, so feel free to sit on it while doing sit-ups, stand on it while doing squats, or rest your hands on it while doing push-ups. If you’re not the exercising sort, this wobble cushion is also a great thing to add to your office chair to strengthen your back and abs with little to no effort.


This Handy Strainer That Attaches Right To Your Pots

Straining pasta after it’s done boiling can feel like an Olympic sport sometimes, but this genius strainer makes the task a one-handed affair. This half-circle strainer clips right onto your pots, pans, and bowls, allowing you to tip it over and pour out water with ease. This highly efficient kitchen gadget is an Amazon shopper favorite with over 15,000 five-star reviews.


This Durable Nylon Leash That Lights Up To Keep You & Your Dog Safe

If you prefer to take walks with your dog early in the morning or very late at night, this LED light up leash is an absolute must-have. This durable, 6-foot long nylon leash is equipped with a full length light that can be seen from up to 350 yards away. To add to protection, this leash has three light-up modes: on, strobe, and blink. It also comes in tk different colors, including neon yellow, orange, and pink to help with visibility.


This Microwavable Popcorn Popper That Works In Just 3 Minutes

If you love freshly popped popcorn but don’t love how long it takes on the stove or those weird bags, this microwave popcorn popper is going to be your movie night BFF. This heat-resistant, non-stick, and dishwasher-safe popper can have a piping hot snack ready in three minutes or less — just add butter, salt, seasonings, and you’re on your way. Plus, with a lid and built-in handles, this popper is easy to take straight from the microwave to your couch.


A Laptop Cooling Pad With Adjustable Height

Long work days can lead to that inevitable moment of your laptop sounding like a dragon breathing because it’s a bit overheated. To bring it back to normal, set it down on this laptop cooling pad that uses blue lights and three quiet fans. Turn it on by attaching it to your laptop’s USB port and adjust the height so you can still work comfortably as it cools down your computer.


This Silicone Water Bottle That Collapses To Under 2 Inches Tall

This collapsible water bottle is perfect to have around when you’re trying to carry as little as possible. This BPA-free silicone bottle can hold up to 17 ounces of hot or cold liquids, but at the end of the day, it collapses to just 2 inches tall to make it super portable. Plus, it comes with a hook that can be attached to any loop to save even more space.


This Microfiber Towel That Holds 7 Times Its Own Weight In Liquid

This microfiber towel will be your new workout buddy. The quick-drying threads will keep you sweat-proof through even the most intense workouts, because this hyper-absorbent towel can hold up to seven times its weight in liquid. The super soft material is safe to use even on your face and can be rolled up to fit almost anywhere. Use the elastic band to keep it compact in your bag or to hang off the elliptical until it’s time to pat yourself dry again.


This Cat Window Perch That Can Hold Over 40 Pounds

More likely than not, your cat would love to look out the window and get some vitamin D while lounging on this cat window perch. The strong suction cups and and extra thick wire ropes will suspend and attach a cozy flannel mat to any window, giving your cat their very own little hammock. Let even your largest furry friend enjoy the view since the perch can hold over 40 pounds.


This Car Trash Can That Can Fit Go In Your Console, Glove Box, Door Or Seat

Keep your vehicle clean and tidy with this spill-proof car trash can. Able to hold up to 2.5 gallons of coffee cups, food wrappers, receipts, and more, this easy-to-clean, waterproof trash can has a flip-top lid and clips to secure a disposable bag. Unlike other car trash cans, this one can hang nearly anywhere, be it your console, glove box, side door, or headrest, and it has a large zipper and side pockets for additional storage needs.


A 16-Inch Pizza Cutter That Comes With A Protective Cover

This pizza cutter will have you feeling like a real pro. Rock the 16 inch blade back and forth for clean cuts in just seconds — no need to worry about cheese sliding off with this super sharp blade. The stainless steel is made to resist rust and the protective cover keeps it (and your fingers) from getting damaged. Use it to quickly chop up vegetables or serve cake too.


This Set Of Packing Cubes That Will Keep Your Suitcase *So* Organized

No need to sit on your suitcase to make it close when you have these packing cubes handy. This set of four cubes can hold enough clothes for up to two weeks of vacay and keep your clothes super organized in the meanwhile in the easy-to-clean, zippered bags. Unlike other sets of packing cubes, this one comes with a laundry bag that’s great for keeping dirty clothes far away from your clean ones.


This Foam Roller With A Textured Massaging Surface

Target both pre- and post-workout soreness with this extra-long foam roller. Available in 18- and 36-inch sizes, you’ll be able to massage both legs at the same time with its textured surface. The lightweight foam is easy to carry so you can relieve tension and roll out any aches and pains no matter where you are.


A Detangling Brush That Won’t Cause Breakage

Getting out tangles does not have to be painful. This detangling brush has soft beadless bristles that minimize hair damage and split ends by gently separating knots instead of breaking through them. Whether your hair is wet, dry, curly, or straight, this brush is meant to work on locks of all kinds.


These Tube Squeezers That Can Help Get Out 30% More Of A Product

Getting rid of packaging that still has product is wasteful — no ifs, ands, or buts about it. To help with that, use these tube squeezers and make sure that you’re getting every last drop of toothpaste, eye cream, lotion, and more out. Each squeezer can help dispense up to 30% more of a product that would have otherwise ended up in the garbage. Simply slide the tube in and start saving.


This Glow-In-The-Dark Volleyball That Can Last Up To 30 Hours

Sure, your parents may have told you come in and stop playing once the sun goes down but you’re all grown up now so why not pick up this glow-in-the-dark volleyball to keep the fun going all night long? The two LED lights can glow for up to 30 hours before having to change the batteries (the first of which are already installed). Bring the game to the beach, because the durable nylon exterior is waterproof.


A Digital Food Scale That Can Measure Up To 11 Pounds

For a recipe to come out just right, you’ll want to be precise. Measure every ingredient down to the gram with this digital food scale that can measure food up to 11 pounds. The sleek design will add a modern touch to your countertop without taking up much space, or you can choose to store it in any drawer thanks to its slim size. This food scale is an Amazon shopper favorite, with over 88,000 five-star reviews.


A Water-Resistant Fanny Pack With Two Hidden Pockets

While this fanny pack gives the stylish look of denim, it’s actually made of durable nylon that is strong enough to carry all your essentials while still being lightweight and comfortable enough to always have on. There are six compartments, including two hidden pockets to prevent theft. Feel free to strap on the pack in any climate thanks to its waterproof material that will keep your belongings protected and be easy to wash at the end of the day.


These Microfiber Cloths That Leave Screens & Glasses Smudge-Free

Once you start carrying around these microfiber cleaning cloths, you won’t want to leave the house without them. The super soft material can be used to safely wipe any dirt, dust, or smudge. Get rid of smudges on your laptop screen, glasses, or phone screen in seconds. Each cloth can be reused and tossed in the washing machine when it’s time for a refresh.


A Compact Jump Rope With Adjustable Length

Work on your cardio with this jump rope that was designed to last through any amount of spins. The rope is originally over 9 feet and can be cut and adjusted to the length that is perfect for you. And don’t worry, a spare cable is included if you change your mind about the amount you cut. The non-slip grooves on the weighted handles will give you the perfect grip while getting in the zone.


A Car Fan That Can Be Attached Anywhere For Instant Breeze

This portable car fan can be plugged into a cigarette lighter socket or any USB port to turn on its powerful but quiet motor. With the three attachable pieces, the fan can be suctioned on the window, placed in a vent, or hung onto a headrest. Choose between three speeds to circulate air and remove any unwanted smells.


A Handheld Milk Frother That Works In Just 15 Seconds

You don’t need to go to Starbucks to have your skim milk latte. Use this handheld milk frother to whip up a creamy foam for the top of your coffee in just 15 seconds. The lightweight handle is designed for comfortable operation, and when you’re done frothing, this device easily hangs on the included rack. In addition to coffee, use it to stir together a delicious milkshake or whip up some perfectly scrambled eggs. The stainless steel is rust-resistant and sure to last through many delicious creations.


The Reusable Sandwich Bags That Take The Place Of 350 Disposable Ones

Each one of these reusable sandwich bags can take the place of over 350 disposable ones. So, if you feel like helping the planet and your wallet, grab this pack that can be used time and time again. The airtight and leakproof design keep everything sealed in so you can even store sauce or other liquids. The food-grade PEVA material of each bag is tear-resistant so they can last through every wash.


This Map That Lets You Track Your Travels In A Colorful Way

If you have serious wanderlust, this scratch-off world map is an absolute must-have for your home. The map starts off with every country colored in brown, and once you’ve traveled there, you scratch away at it to reveal a vibrant color. Keep track of your travels in a new fun way with this interactive art piece, which comes with scratch tools and memory stickers. This set also comes with a map of the USA so you can keep track of the 50 states you have visited.


This Sling That Lets You Carry Your Fur Baby Everywhere

If your cat is anything like mine and demands snuggles 24/7, this pet sling will be the thing that will give you your sanity back. Made from breathable, easy-to-clean material, this sling can hold up to 12 pounds and has a 26-inch shoulder strap so you and your pet will be comfy while you hang out everywhere while doing everything together. It has a safety latch to keep your cat or small dog secure and an extra little pouch for your keys or other small necessities.


This Kit That Can Make 5 Different Kinds Of Cheeses

Once you’ve tasted homemade cheese, you’ll never want a store-bought block again. For just $10, this cheese-making kit gives you all the ingredients and instructions necessary to make mozzarella, ricotta, burrata, mascarpone, and goat cheese. Impress your whole family with this delicious appetizer next time it’s your turn to make dinner.


This Showerhead Filter That Purifies Water With Vitamin C

By removing any harmful minerals, softening water, and using a vitamin C filter cartridge to increase pH levels, this shower head can give skin and hair a healthy glow. The stainless steel head can be screwed onto any standard size shower arm in just minutes, and you don’t need any tools to do it.


This Tactical Flashlight That Has 4 Lighting Modes

This ain’t your average flashlight. This tactical flashlight has a long-lasting battery that works for up to 10 hours, and it can illuminate items up to 1,200 feet away. Waterproof and rechargeable with a USB, this flashlight has four unique lighting modes: medium spotlight, high beam, strobe, and 360-degree lantern, which is ideal for camping and other outdoor adventures.


A Cocktail Shaker Set Made Of Rustproof Stainless Steel

To fulfill your secret dream of being a bartender, bring out this stainless steel cocktail shaker set at your next dinner party. The included shaker, built-in strainer, and a 1.5-ounce jigger will make it easy to serve up to three drinks at once. The leakproof and rustproof equipment is meant to last and be easy to clean — so feel free to throw it in the dishwasher at the end of the night.


A Portable Mini Fridge That Can Switch From Cold To Warm

This mini fridge can actually do more than the name suggests. Keep things both cool and warm with its temperature range of 32 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit. So whether you choose to keep your leftover lunch warm or store your beauty products, this personal fridge will be able to fit 4 liters of whatever you choose (which is about six soda cans). It comes with various plugs that can be used either indoors or outdoors.


This Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak That Softens Calluses

This foot soak is full of soothing ingredients like tea tree oil, epsom salt, and menthol that can help provide relief to sore feet. Soaking in the mix for just 15 minutes can not only bring you the comfort of a spa-like experience, but also soften calluses and wash away fungus. Use before giving yourself a colorful pedicure or after a long run.


An Easy-To-Use Apple Corer With Anti-Slip Silicone Handles

Spend less time making a mess cutting with a knife and use this apple corer to quickly get eight perfect wedges of crisp, fresh fruit. The sharp stainless steel blades resist rust and easily slice through even the toughest fruit. Push down on the easy-to-hold, non-slip silicone handles and enjoy.


A Slim Portable Charger That Can Power Your Phone From 0 to 100% Twice

Instead of searching for an outlet to try to give your phone some juice on the go, carry this portable charger with you. The super slim device is easy to fit in your pocket or bag, especially because it only weighs 7.5 ounces. Despite being compact, the battery can provide over two full charges for iPhones and nearly two full charges for Galaxy phones.


These Faux Fur Slippers With Non-Slip Bottoms

These faux fur slippers are the perfect thing to wear around the house all year long. The front cross band design gives your feet some air while still wrapping them in the comfort of the soft fleece. The memory foam sole will give you plush support while the rubber bottoms will keep you from slipping. Truly, these slippers do it all.

  • Available sizes: 5-6 – 9-10
  • Available styles: 13

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