How to Fix a Windows Update Error


If it is your first time to encounter an error while running “wuauclt”, “What is this?” may be the question on top of your head. Since it can affect regular Windows and system processes, seeing a message of some sort, which suggests a flaw in the execution, may be worrisome. However, with troubleshooting options coming to the rescue, the opportunity to restore your PC’s condition is yours.

What Is Wuauclt?

Wuauclt, short for Windows Update or Auto-Update Client, is a file developed for Windows. It is a background process designed to check with Microsoft servers periodically for updates on the system and your PC’s drivers. By default, it is set to auto-update but you can choose to disable the function through the task manager.

Wuauclt Error: Why Do I Have It?

Since it is an.exe or executable file that contains step-by-step instructions, wuauclt will indicate that there is an error if at least one of the steps during execution has not been followed. Noting this, getting the file from a reliable distributor is important. Especially if it has been downloaded from just any executable file handlers, the probability of the malfunction occurring is increased. With external sources’ program not having acquired approval from official Windows Auto Client distributors, you cannot guarantee that a file is safe.

The Need to Eliminate Wuauclt Errors

Although the problem of seeing it on your screen can be resolved with just a few steps, a wuauclt error needs to be eliminated immediately. Since it is from an executable file that can run on its own, it causes the discreet disorganization of data, which can lead to system failure. For instance, it can relocate a file stored in its original location to a folder you do not access regularly. Chances are, if your OS detects that it is missing, system processes will stop functioning correctly.

Causes of Wuauclt Error

Corrupted or incomplete download of Auto-Update Client or other executable files
Malicious programs have deleted during the execution of background process
Windows registry keys that are associated with Auto Client are corrupted
Background process is infected with virus or malware

With an error in the execution of wuauclt, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows ME, and other versions of the operating system can function abnormally. Especially if you are fond of downloading from an external file distributor or are susceptible to spam contents, you should be cautious. In addition, remember that if the task manager is running “Auto Client”, CPU and memory usage can go up, which can cause a different set of problems.

List of Common Error Messages:

Update or Auto-Update Client application is not working
Update or Auto-Update Client application has failed
Wuauclt virus
Auto-Update Client is an invalid application
Background process faulting application path
Background process is missing

Although they appear commonly upon installation of any.exe file, wuauclt problems can come up anytime. They can bother you during Windows startup, shutdown, or during the installation of the operating system. Remember, noting the details of when the error occurred, is important since it suggests that a specific program has to be modified or uninstalled.

Wuauclt Flags, Options, Parameters & Switches

“/DetectNow” – calls Reporting Web Services immediately to detect the status of Windows Server Update Services
“/ResetAuthorization” – initiates background searches for applicable updates
“/ShowSettingsDialog” – indicates Windows Server Update Services settings
“/ReportNow” – calls Reporting Web Service immediately (only when the Windows Server Update Services has completed pending processes)
“/Options” – indicates Windows Server Update Services settings
“/UpdateNow” – causes installation of updates immediately

Upon familiarizing with the list of “wuauclt.exe” flags, switches, options, and parameters, you can have control over certain Windows Server Update Services. With the commands, you can go far from being an individual who when once having stumbled across an Auto Client error, “What is this?” was the first query that came to mind.

8 Steps on How to Fix Wuauclt.exe Error

Repair Windows registry entries.
Allow a full malware scan to evaluate all of your PC files.
Clean your system’s junk files by using a junk cleaner.
Update each of your system’s device drivers.
Use Windows’ System Restore to undo any recent system changes.
Uninstall, then, re-install the SharePoint Portal associated with wuauclt.
Open “Run” and enter “sfc/scannow” to check system files.
Install any available Windows update and make sure each process is completed.

The steps on how to fix an error that has occurred upon running wuauclt are quite simple yet time-consuming. To avoid further problems, execution of each process has to be done in order. Although the tasks may be accomplished in less time if the procedures are done simultaneously, it is advised to focus on a single function and even let your system rest a bit prior to proceeding to the next.

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