Important Uses of Different Types of Cable Wires


When two or more wires are twisted or bonded together and covered with a sheath, it is known as a cable wire. It is used for various purposes in different fields all over the world. There are different types of cables used for various purposes.

The Different Uses of Cable Wire

It is used for carrying electrical current to homes and industries. This is one of the most important uses of these wires. It is installed in buildings and industrial areas for transmitting power to far distances. Such wires are known as power cables and high voltage cables. Large wires are produced by braiding together several small wires which makes the electrical cable wire more flexible. These wires can be fastened by using cable ties, cable trays and so forth.

There are various types of electrical cables which include Ribbon, Coaxial, Twinax, Shielded, Twisted, Single, Multicore, Flexible, metallic and non metallic sheathed cables. It is basically divided into four types which include the Multi conductor, fibre optics, twisted pair and the coaxial cables. The coaxial cable includes two conductors with different signals. The configuration found on the coaxial is an unbalanced line. The cable wire which contains a number of insulated conductors is known as Multi conductor. The twisted pair wires are designed for carrying signals as it includes different pairs of conductors that are twisted together. The fibre optical wire has a number of uses such as wiring, networking, data transmission and so forth.

The use of these cables for data transmission is quite popular as it ensures accuracy and speed. There is minimal amount of data loss when it is transmitted through the fibre optical wires. These wires are also used in medical fields in imaging tools and light guides. As the light emitted through these wires seldom requires a straight path to shine on the objects, it is widely preferred by doctors and medical staff. Another popular and wide usage of these wires is in the field of computers. It is used for computer networking as it has a high flexibility, increased bandwidth, accuracy and speed. It is also used as interconnect wires, distribution wires, trunk wires, standard patch cords and so forth. The fibre optical wires are also used for detecting temperature, vibration and pressure. It is an excellent sensory device. Cable wire is also used for wiring aircraft, submarines and other complex wiring jobs.

Buy Wires Online at Different Rates

An amazing variety of it is available in the online markets at different rates. There are a number of companies that design and manufacture a variety of it which include auto, signal and rubber silicon cables. You can also find a number of speaker wires, core cables, transparent, telephone, colored, parallel wires and pick up wires. It is also available in different colors which can be used for motorised tools, domestic appliances, types of lighting installations and other electronic appliances. There are many notable manufacturers and suppliers listed in the online portals who supply authentic wires and cables.

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