iPad Web Apps Development – An Effective Alternative to Native Apps


The Apple Inc. launched the iPad in the year 2010 and provided a brand-new platform for the web application development. The external appearance, screen size, capacitive touch, high processing power and various other hardware features made it an exceptional hand-held device. The gadget received instant fame due to its multipurpose utility, by addition of apps which were designed and developed by custom iPad application development teams. Today, there are millions of apps, available in different categories in the iTunes store like Business, entertainment, healthcare, games, news, stocks, sports, technology, environment, etc.

However, a native app utilizes the API of the devices, which are usually written in Objective C, C++ using iPad SDK, X-code, IDE and other tools. In addition, most of the games are developed using Cocos2d and Unity 3D like software. Therefore, an iPad developer needs to have a hands-on experience over the technology and tools to design and develop robust, scalable and reliable app for the iPad.

But, all the custom iPad application development professionals are not good enough to acquire the high level of expertise in designing and developing apps. Therefore, they invented another way of designing and developing iPad apps, i.e. through the browser. With the introduction of the HTML 5, developers are now capable of creating innovative iPad apps with the help of CSS 3 and advance JavaScript. These web apps are thus known as iPad web apps, and the whole process is termed as iPad web application development.

Developing and deploying the innovative native apps was hard and time consuming work, which in turn increased the development cost, whereas the iPad web application development is simple and fast, so costs less. In addition, the HTML 5 allows the web apps to have all the features and functionality just like native apps have. Furthermore, with uninterrupted and high-speed internet connectivity, web apps deliver outstanding performance, which was not present in the native apps. As per the sources, the custom iPad app development services include a wide range of web apps which are innovative as well as effective.

As stated earlier, the major plus points in iPad web apps development is that, the process is swift and does not require too much of technical expertise and high-end infrastructure. On the other hand, the development of native apps is bound under restrictions and need in-depth knowledge to develop. In addition, the custom iPad application development needs no approval of Apple iTunes store and can be designed for any device through cross-browser compatibility. These web apps are free to use, and one can buy them at the third-party vendors like Amazon or eBay. Therefore, it is advisable to go for iPad web applications, as they serves as a better alternative of expensive and tiresome native apps.

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