Mechanical, Computer Science Continue to Lure Engineering Students


Mechanical and Computer Science remains the top priorities of engineering students. The students are seen more interested in these disciplines owing to the future prospects and growth potentials associated to them. If we go about the number of students, who appeared for GATE exam last year, the trend was prominently visible. The data say that the students appearing in the exam were majorly from computer science, mechanical, electronics & communication and electrical. Out of these, 2,24,160 applicants were from computer science whereas those belonging to mechanical were 1,65,814 in number. Besides, the students from electronics and communication were also high in number.

If we consider sources, the trend remains the same in different Indian cities. As per the figures recorded by a university in Chennai last year, 38,338 applications were for mechanical, whereas 34,593 students preferred computer science. Besides, the same trend continued to prevail in Ahmedabad too. The city, in the year 2013 found that 736,312 applicants were interested in mechanical. These figures make the popularity of these two courses among the students quite evident.

Stepping the Ladder for a Promising Career

Now, the question is why these students have a bend towards these disciplines more than any other. An apt answer to this would be the growing demand of skilled professionals in these industries all around the nation. If we talk about mechanical, it is one of the broadest forms of engineering, which allows students to get into almost any industry as per the skill sets and interests. This expands the their scope of getting suitable job opportunities. Besides, the increasing number of applicants for computer science is consequent to the boom of IT sector. It allows the students to become a part of IT community, which at present is on a rise.

How Well Can These Jobs Pay You?

Salary is always one of the significant variables for a professional to accept a job offer. Salary remains one of the alluring factors for the mechanical engineers and for those working in IT sector. As per a firm renowned for its compensation related surveys, the average salary of a mechanical engineer is Rs. 300,416, whereas after some relevant experience the person can expect a remuneration of more than Rs. 4,00,000. Further for a student studying computer science too, the market looks good. At present, no IT professional needs to be worried about chasing the ideal job opportunities, as they are going to be the most coveted resources in the years to come.

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