realme 5 pro is an instant messaging (IM) and mobile multimedia application from the Chinese company that is really mobile. RML has created a fresh brand for itself in India after dominating the global smartphone market with its smartphones and smart keyboards. This latest handset from RML has similarities to the real RMB, which also has a number of features including the smart keyboard, screen and a large number of storage options. All these features make it a great phone for anyone looking for a decent multimedia experience on their smartphone.

Unique Features

The RealMe 5 pro is available for download on all major mobile stores including the Google Android marketplace and the Amazon Kindle Store among others. The real 5 pro comes with a lot of unique features that are not seen on other handsets like it includes quad-core 2.5 GHz processors, Adreno standard camera with image processing technology, HD display, 4.2 inch sharp touchscreen, and the advanced RealSense technology, all of which help make this a nice looking smartphone. Although it has all these high spec’d features it does come with a rather low price tag of Rs930 which is really a decent amount for what you get. The real 5 pro is yet to be launched in the European and American markets.

Attractive Design

The real 5 pro comes with a very attractive design, with its two-tone finish and an aluminum frame that give it a neat and classy look. It also has brushed metal casings which give it a nice rustic and futuristic look and feel to it. The real 5 pro has been loaded with features like an aluminium band which provides it protection from bumps and scratches and a nice glossy and slim design which give it the looks of a contemporary smartphone which is nice. It also features a 6GB ram with it which helps it to perform well even when you have numerous apps open on it.