Runtime Error 91 – What Causes it & How to Fix It


Runtime errors are very common within the Windows operating system and there are thousands of identified errors affecting Windows users all around the world.

What is runtime error 91?

It commonly comes about when there is a missing .rox file. This computer error does not appear when you are installing the software program, but instead when you are operating it. Just like any other runtime errors, runtime error 91 usually takes place when a link in the chain of processes to launch a program is interrupted by missing or corrupted files. There are several system and data files required to guarantee the integrity of the program launch. For instance, when one starts up a game, Windows needs to load the essential files (data files, system files, game data files, etc) in order for the game shell to launch. Thus, these files which are ran in a sequence operate in a specific order. When this runtime error occurs, the problem usually lies in a missing file, inert file or corrupted file name.

How to fix runtime error 91?

What you first need to do is to find out which file(s) have caused this error. Find possible reported errors by doing a Google search – usually there might be an available solution such as a patch by the software developers. They should have step by step and straightforward instructions for you to follow in order to successfully solve it. In the case that the patch is unavailable, one other option is to get a good registry cleaner. Most good registry cleaners in the market cost up to hundreds of dollars, but this is by far almost the fastest and most efficient way to get rid of the error. Runtime error 91 could be a problem with the integrity of the registry. The registry cleaner will be able to fix such errors easily within minutes. Therefore, it is nothing to fret about as it is not difficult to troubleshoot it. It shares a solution similar to all other runtime errors which can be simply solved by a good registry cleaner.

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