Top Challenges in Enterprise Mobile Application Development


Many mobile app development companies work towards building customized apps for enterprises after studying their processes and the need to introduce automation. These apps are business processes based as opposed to other general applications found in app stores.

It is quite a challenge building customized apps for enterprises. Some of the common challenges seen are:

• Security
• User Interface
• Technology used


Under security there are various aspects that need to be considered while developing apps for enterprises. The very first aspect to be considered is employee authentication. Implementing a secure login procedure is essential. Many organizations require integration with their LDAP servers such as Active Directory servers. This makes it possible to enable single sign on and makes it convenient for all employees to manage their app logins and passwords. Another aspect of security is to enable server side validation. This will ensure that the validations are done on the server and not on the client which greatly improves the application performance. The code and logic will always be consistent and up to date because it is directly updated on the server. Lastly, it is always a good idea to use encryption for storing your data.

User interface Designs

When your app users are direct customers, attractive and attention grabbing UI’s make sense. When your app users are business users the functionality of the interface beats the beauty. This does not mean that ugly looking interfaces will do. Aesthetics are always important and the first look should always be appealing if not stunning! Well, for enterprise apps usability comes before beauty. The emphasis is on creating apps that are convenient to use and intuitive for the employee too. For example, use icons to explain a button’s functionality.

HTML 5 or Native Apps

Selecting the right technology for developing the app is half your job done. For enterprises there are special considerations. Technology wise, there are two approaches to creating mobile apps one is web apps and the other is native apps. The apps built specifically for iOS for example, can be built with objective C. These native apps can take advantage of the device hardware. Web apps on the other hand cannot talk to the device hardware. So depending on the type of features required, you can take a call whether web technologies or native apps need to be developed.

Use of cross platform apps and hybrid apps makes this more and more easy for app developers. The key is to analyze the requirements and the employee base to decide what technology will be used for enterprise mobile application development.

Overall, enterprises are inevitably moving towards a mobile future and developers need to beat all the challenges to create apps that will create an overall impact on the efficiency and productivity of enterprises both large and small.

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