XGIMI Aura projector and Uplift Desk: Unexpectedly useful for workshops and studios

A couple months in the past, I was sent a lifting desk and movie projector for evaluate. Because I currently have a really tailored place of work, and we are satisfied with our loved ones area Tv, my interest was sparked. Could I use these products in a new and unconventional way? Could they help me get over any problems?

They guaranteed could, and in the accompanying movie earlier mentioned, I am going to show you how.

Let us commence with the Uplift Desk, which is standing involving me and the camera in the video. This is a powered desk that goes up and down at the contact of a button. According to the company, the desk has a lifting capacity of 355lbs. I haven’t experimented with it with something that large, but I can inform you that it is unquestionably a really reliable, strong desk.


Graphic: David Gewirtz

The desk arrived in a bunch of boxes. Our biggest problem was relocating the 72-inch desktop from our entrance entryway to the workshop, which associated some extremely sharp turns as a result of compact hallways.


Impression: David Gewirtz

Constructing the desk was clear-cut. You create it upside down, adding legs and parts piece by piece. The moment built, you will have to have an additional set of hands to carry and flip it. My unit came with wheels, which would make all of what I am about to display you probable. You can also get it with adjustable ft, but the wheels are a total acquire.

We are going to come back to the desk in a minute, but for now let’s communicate about the XGIMI Aura projector.

Using the XGIMI Aura

In the movie above, get a glimpse at individuals graphics driving me. They had been shown on my back wall by the XGIMI Aura projector. You can even clearly show video clip as a background if you wish. In my circumstance, I just crammed a USB adhere with photographs, and I shown them employing the designed-in Android Television File Supervisor application.

I’ve been quite curious about this since some of my viewers complained that my basic blue track record was far too … empty. I didn’t want to just hang stuff up, given that I am not all set to dedicate to any a single use for that wall. I tried out making use of an old 60-inch Television set on the Uplift Desk, but no make a difference what peak I set it, or where by I positioned the camera, the glare from the ceiling lights was inescapable. Even worse, holding a 60-inch Television set on the desk nerfed all the excellent utilizes of the desk and tied up a large amount of house — place I will not have in my smaller garage/workshop/studio.

A green screen could possibly have worked, unless of course I have to evaluation a merchandise with green in it, these types of as Lulzbot printers and each and every Ryobi instrument I individual.


Picture: David Gewirtz

The Aura is a shorter-toss laser projector, and it is really the short-toss functionality that would make it attention-grabbing for studio exhibit. Which is because the projector can project from behind me, permitting the impression projected to come to be a backdrop. The Aura is far more compact than a 60-inch Tv, so it can be carried to the place I’m utilizing it, established up, and then place away when I am carried out. And nevertheless, it’s able of projecting a 152-inch photograph.


Picture: David Gewirtz

Even even though my light blue wall is not built for projection, the Aura does pretty well in a darkened place. I had to mild myself with a pair of lights so you could see me in the shot, but it functions. I am applying a pair of outdated LED lights with a diffuser (gaffer tape is my close friend) to make it all work. Bright photographs operate greatest to counter the shadows thrown by the lighting setup.


Graphic: David Gewirtz

With all the workshop’s ceiling lights on, on the other hand, the photographs are not as perfectly-outlined (as you can see in the online video). That’s not the fault of the projector. I have considerable lights in the workshop, mounted specifically due to the fact I use the area for filming. In a standard space with regular lighting, the projector should do very nicely.

Using the Uplift Desk in the workshop

And now, let’s dive further into the lots of works by using and conveniences of the Uplift Desk. This factor is transformative in a smaller room.

1st, of study course, it will make for a good presentation desk. I have been obtaining by using my old Harbor Freight workbench, but the workbench aesthetic (full with pet holes for clamping) is not excellent for all presentation circumstances. The Uplift Desk also has peak adjustments, so I can tweak it for specifically what I’m filming.

In actuality, the Uplift Desk can make an outstanding film and item images station. At 72-inches wide, it truly is significant adequate to keep the products capturing place and all the equipment desired to make the shoot work. I appreciate how the desk goes up and down, so if I’m capturing from the side, I will not have to crouc. And if I am using a top-down shot, I can lessen the desk to an perfect height. You can see images shot employing the desk in my most modern laptop computer assessment.


Graphic: David Gewirtz

An unpredicted reward of the Uplift Desk did not turn into evident to me until eventually soon after I’d assembled it. I can elevate the desk up and store the two my desk observed and miter observed beneath, and nonetheless have desk space.

I can also disguise a person of my two Harbor Freight benches underneath, providing me two layers of operate floor for much more sophisticated projects, liberating up more space to use some of my other equipment.

The Uplift Desk can also be rolled into position as a desk noticed outfeed desk, capable to capture wood as it will come out of the observed. I will want to discover a way to secure the desk’s floor from the sliding wooden, but I can almost certainly just gaffer tape a piece of tarp substance (or even brown paper) to the floor to keep it from scratching.

The people at Uplift sent me some good components, like drawers that can be mounted underneath. But considering that I discovered how this desk is in a position to space-multiply, I determined not to set up them. I’m just glorying in the ability to tuck stuff beneath the desk — and how easy it is to repurpose for diverse responsibilities. But if I was making use of the Uplift Desk in an office environment placing, I would unquestionably adore the under desk drawers, keyboard holder, CPU holder, and other add-ons available from Uplift.

I like to experiment with alternate takes advantage of for many products, sources, and objects I locate. Often, the alternate use will become a amazing, standout force-multiplier, as is the situation with the Uplift Desk. It’s a good idea that could not be realistic for every person, like utilizing the $2,500 XGIMI Aura to generate a backdrop. That reported, the Aura got a 9.4 out of 10 listed here on ZDNet when we reviewed it for its selected intent as a projection Tv.

So there you go. Two objects generally made use of for other needs that wholly boost the working ecosystem for filming and workshop jobs. What things have you repurposed for totally sudden takes advantage of? Let us know in the remarks below.

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